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Title: PC496: When You Find Such a Thing
Post by: Ocicat on November 16, 2017, 02:16:35 PM
PodCastle 496: When You Find Such a Thing (

by Suyi Davies Okungbowa
read by Solomon Osadolo
hosted by Setsu Uzume

A PodCastle original

Rated PG-13.

Yes, I know meeting my girlfriend’s parents wasn’t on my to-do list for the next few forevers, but it happens that Gbemi is the slyest babe I’ve dated, so I should’ve known, ba? One minute we’re off on a supposed spontaneous getaway weekend she planned for us; next thing, I’m sitting under the dining chandelier at her parents’ Lekki duplex, struggling to explain to her father what I do for a living.

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Suyi tells stories from Lagos, Nigeria. His speculative fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Fireside, PodCastle, The Dark, Mothership Zeta, Omenana; and the anthologies Lights Out: Resurrection and A World of Horror; amidst other places. His nonfiction has appeared in Lightspeed and Klorofyl. He is a charter member of the African Speculative Fiction Society. Suyi also works in brand marketing and visual design. He lives online on Facebook, tweets at @IAmSuyiDavies, blogs at and chatters at his monthly jabberwock, After Five Writing Shenanigans.


Solomon Osadolo is a copywriter, editor, and Podcaster based in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s the Editor of forLoop Weekly from ForLoop Africa and is a Content Associate at Anakle.

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Title: Re: PC496: When You Find Such a Thing
Post by: Kaa on November 16, 2017, 04:10:28 PM
Nice story. I had some trouble getting into it at the beginning, and then something fortuitous happened, and there was some sort of glitch in the recording so I had to go to the website to read along....

And I ended up with 15 tabs open in my browser from looking up various words from the story that, had I been driving or otherwise occupied while listening, I would have missed. I'm glad I took the time, because it did help get into the story more.

And then that ending! Nicely done. That turned out a lot creepier than I suspected it would from the humble beginning. Really enjoyed it. :)

(Also, I kind of want to try Hobnobs, jollof rice, and ogbono soup. Never did figure out what Bama meant, but maybe someone here knows and will tell me. :) )

Title: Re: PC496: When You Find Such a Thing
Post by: Katzentatzen on December 12, 2017, 03:01:58 PM
I also heard the audio glitch around the 6 min mark, but it resolved within 30 seconds. I wish the narration had been clearer and less staticky, but I recognize that the range of narrators Escape Artists uses is staggering and sometimes the equipment can't always be right. I was trying to think what I would say if my romantic partner told me they were magic. I like the exploration of how something supernatural would affect a mundane familial or romantic relationship. I'm really unsettled by what happened at the end. Is it as sinister as a compliance spell? Unsure.

Title: Re: PC496: When You Find Such a Thing
Post by: Ichneumon on March 27, 2018, 09:51:38 AM
Maybe the past persecution of wizards wasn't such an injustice. If they are willing to use their magic to control the ones they love, I doubt they would hesitate to use it on those they do not.