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Title: PC618: Odd and Ugly
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PodCastle 618: Odd and Ugly (

Author: Vida Cruz (
Narrator: Don Pizarro (
Host: Setsu Uzume (
Audio Producer: Peter Behravesh (

Previously published by Writers of the Future vol. 34.


Show Notes
Rated PG-13.


You come to my tree at high noon in July, sweating, panting, young. So very, very young. I can’t help staring at you: it’s like watching a walking, talking circular window with square glass stuck through it. I knew you’d come someday, but I’m still so stunned to see you that I disbelieve my own eyes. The small sack in one hand and the clay jar at your hip tell me that you mean to stay, too.

“Are you the kapre from the stories? The one with the shell necklace?” you ask, your voice high and clear. You set your jar down and gather your long, sweat-dampened black hair over your shoulder, away from your nape, as you glance up from under your straw salakot. Your eyes are the color of tablea chocolate bubbling in a cup. I’m startled that I remember so human a sensation.

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