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Title: CatsCast 2: Tin Opener (patron-only release)
Post by: laurasbadideas on May 04, 2022, 01:44:52 PM
CatsCast 2: Tin Opener (

Author: Charlotte Platt (
Narrator: Wilson Fowlie (
Host: Laura Pearlman (
Audio Producer: Dave Robison (

Tin Opener originally appeared in From A Cat’s Point of View in October, 2019

They killed my tin opener. The humans called her Margaret, but what do humans know? She was my tin opener.

More than that, she was a witch, and a good one. A crone for the village, a sharp mind, and a healer. She knew the best way to mend broken bones, and how to scratch my ears so that I purred deep and long in her lap. I liked her, and they killed her. A poor choice.

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