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Title: PC732: Fire in His Eyes, Blood on His Teeth
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PodCastle 732: Fire in His Eyes, Blood on His Teeth (

Author: R.S.A. Garcia (
Narrator: Omega Francis (
Host: Matt Dovey (
Audio Producer: Peter Adrian Behravesh (

Previously published by Devil’s Ways anthology


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Show Notes
Rated R


He comes to me with fire in his eyes and blood on his teeth. Sometimes the blood is his enemies’. Sometimes it’s mine. Eventually, it’s mine. Always.

He is different today, striding across the sandy soil toward my home with scuffed, much-mended boots. Often, he’s charming and beautiful, like the first time I met him. Smooth brown skin and white smiles, smelling of freshly scraped coconuts. Sometimes he is fierce and tall and smells of the salty sea, with a glorious shining beard braided around the fuses he hides beneath his battered hat. His teeth are longer, yellow, and his skin burned from the sun. They call him a pirate then, and men on land and sea tremble to speak his name. He has harsh words, but there are no teeth for me yet. They come later.

They come with the fire and a shadow on the sun.

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