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 on: Today at 06:43:33 PM 
Started by danooli - Last post by Feverwood
Cast of Wonders 295: Artemis Rising 4 – An American Refugee

• Author: Tiah Marie Beautement
• Narrator: Julia Rios
• Hosts: Alexis Goble
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
• Artist : Geneva Benton
Cast of Wonders 295: An American Refugee is a Cast of Wonders original.
Click here to listen to Episode 295

Tiah Marie Beautement is an American-Brit living on the South African Garden Route with her family, two dogs, and a flock of chickens. She is author of the award nominated This Day (2014, Modjaji), Moons Don’t Go To Venus (2006, Bateleur), and numerous short stories. She is also the managing editor of the TSSF journal, teaches writing to all ages, a writer for FunDza, and conducts book reviews & interviews for publications, including the Sunday Times. In her spare time she has been spotted riding pillion on a motorbike and belly dancing. Visit her blog or follow her on Twitter

Julia Rios is a Hugo award winning editor, writer, podcaster, and narrator. Julia is currently the Fiction Editor for Fireside Magazine, and her own fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Lightspeed, and Goblin Fruit among other places. She is a co-host of The Skiffy and Fanty Show, a general SF discussion podcast, and she has narrated stories for Podcastle, Pseudopod, and Cast of Wonders. Find her on Twitter as @omgjulia or online at

I first spot the surfer as I run down the path that cuts below the lighthouse. I can’t believe it. The Point is full of holiday campers, so motors are banned on the water until eight a.m. and it is only six-thirty. I run down the steps; reaching the bottom of the peninsula, I find that the few souls that are awake are calm and content. Strange. But when I reach the part of the path that curves at the base of Inner Pool I realize why.

No sound.

Tags: acceptance, Alexis Goble, Artemis Rising, Artemis Rising 4, asylum, first kiss, Gender identity, Julia Rios, LGBT, Modern SF, refugees, romance, Science Fiction, scifi, South Africa, surfing, teenagers, Tiah M. Beautement

I really like this story, as a trans woman we need more stories about our lives, the fears we have now that it seems the world wants to step back, try to force those that do not fit what they define as normal back into the closet.

This story says that we are not going back, we matter and you do not scare us.

Keep flying, we win just by existing.

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 on: Today at 09:40:30 AM 
Started by eytanz - Last post by DerangedMind
This was a good story, and I can see it easily working into a larger body of works.  I'd love to follow the exploits of Hannah and Bethany as they exorcise AIs. 

I loved the fact that the author actually used the third dimension in space.  That is so rarely done, and done well.  And the idea of belief being important, not what you believed in was an interesting one. 

 on: Today at 09:35:06 AM 
Started by eytanz - Last post by DerangedMind
This was an interesting story for me.  I tend to prefer plot driven over character driven stories, but this one had an amazing feel to it.  It almost felt like it should be the first few scenes of a novel.

I never thought about an android appreciating art before - I think I was always stuck in the thought of them being cold, analytical, logical.  Understanding what art was, but unable to appreciate it.  This was a masterpiece of a way to show that HK was more than a machine and really a being that was capable of so much more.

 on: Today at 08:25:24 AM 
Started by eytanz - Last post by DerangedMind

The adjective transgender should never have an extraneous "-ed" tacked onto the end. An "-ed" suffix adds unnecessary length to the word and can cause tense confusion and grammatical errors.

I've never heard that before.  I'm not sure I agree that it would cause tense confusion or grammatical errors.  From a linguistic point of view, gender is a noun, gendered a verb.  Similarily, transgender SHOULD be considered a noun and transgendered a verb, making Chaz Bono is transgendered grammatically correct. 

If the community wants to try to MAKE transgender an adjective, that's great, but I'm sure there will be a lot of confusion and innocent mistakes make until that becomes accepted as part of the english grammar.

 on: Yesterday at 11:12:39 PM 
Started by Bdoomed - Last post by Sandra M. Odell
Enjoyed this story, in particular the rhythm of the prose and the deft narration.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the identity of the ghost.  The story had heart, dark and smelling of brine and decay, but definitely there.

 on: Yesterday at 01:50:59 PM 
Started by eytanz - Last post by Cygnwulf
This month is really knocking it out of the park for me, and I can't wait to hear next week's story.
I had sucha squee moment when HK asked if she could date him, I spent too much time at a stop sign to soak in the adorable.
And Lawrence being embarrassed about his search history, HK doing a web search on the funny feeling in her stomach, the way she sounded excited about feeling ill when she never had before,
All of it is so much happy for me.

 on: Yesterday at 11:13:22 AM 
Started by eytanz - Last post by eytanz
Escape Pod 619: A Study in Symmetry, or the Chance Encounter of an Android and a Painter (Artemis Rising)

AUTHOR : Jamie Lackey
NARRATOR : url=]Trendane Sparks[/url] and Divya Breed
HOST: Tina Connolly


HK-812 stepped out of her charging pod and gazed out the single narrow window that her 8×14 living space boasted. The brick wall outside was a whole eight inches away from the glass, and the morning sunshine gave the red-brown a cheery tone. As she watched, a single moth fluttered past, its wings white and delicate and brilliant in the light.

HK hummed a happy tune as she pulled on her regulation gray uniform. It was going to be a good day.


Lawrence stared at the empty hook by his front door. “Where are my keys?” he demanded.

“They are in the sink in your painting studio,” his house replied. “However, the car is not in the driveway. Would you like me to ping the GPS?”

Lawrence sighed. “Yeah.” He vaguely remembered getting a self-driving car home last night after he’d drunk one (or two, or seven) too many toasts to the happy couple. He didn’t really remember painting anything. He just hoped he hadn’t left the studio a complete disaster area.

“Your car is parked in the lot at 124 Lake St.”

Outside the reception hall. Which was about twenty miles from his lakefront house. And now he was supposed to pick them up and drive them to the airport for their honeymoon. His college best friend and high school sweetheart—they were sickeningly perfect together. They’d fought over whose side he’d be on in the bridal party.

They told him that they could get to the airport on their own, but he’d insisted. He was happy to do it, he wanted to see them off, he was so happy for them.

His head hurt.

It was going to be a rough day.

Listen to this week’s Escape Pod!

 on: March 16, 2018, 04:32:39 PM 
Started by Testtubewaltz - Last post by Sgarre1
Glad I could help!

 on: March 16, 2018, 10:20:49 AM 
Started by Testtubewaltz - Last post by Testtubewaltz
Brilliant call - I did listen to CM back in the day, and have a few of their stories stored away as songs, especially "A lake of spaces" and "The path that does not stray".  Makes for fun music shuffle about twice a year.

You nailed it - about fifteen seconds in to Cast Macabre episode 42 (Big Inches, by Ralph Robert Moore), I knew it was the right one.  The link on CM is broken, but archive_org has a copy.

Incoming paypal to sh_@e_t

 on: March 16, 2018, 09:11:09 AM 
Started by Testtubewaltz - Last post by Sgarre1
It was an early episode, I know that - maybe sometime in 2010 or before.

Also, there's a chance it wasn't us but CAST MACABRE.

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