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Episode Comments / PseudoPod 722: Teeth – Part 2
« Last post by Bdoomed on Today at 02:53:11 AM »
PseudoPod 722: Teeth – Part 2

Author: Matt Cardin
Narrator: Jon Padgett
Host: Alasdair Stuart
Audio Producer: Chelsea Davis

“Teeth” was the first story published at “Thomas Ligotti Online” in 1998. It was later reprinted in The Children of Cthulhu in 2002, in Dark Awakenings in 2010, and in the excellent 2019 collection “To Rouse Leviathan.” This last book was editor Alex’s favorite collection from 2019 and recommends it strongly to all fans of Ligotti.

Show Notes
Part 2 of 2
Listen to the first part here:

Other Notes:

The words on that page signaled the end of my journey through the dark corridors of Marco’s obsession. Rather than trying to see what lay past page forty-six and risking another encounter with that awful picture, I closed the notebook and shoved it far back into a drawer, wishing fiercely that it could be equally easy to bury the memory of it. But try as I might, I could not stop my thoughts from returning to it and gnawing on it like a trapped animal might gnaw off its own leg. That was exactly the way it felt: as if  I had become ensnared in some vile trap and grown so desperate to escape that I might willingly do violence to myself. But no matter how many times I examined and reexamined and struggled violently against the notebook’s all-encompassing message of horror and despair, I could find no way to extricate myself from it, no loose spring or faulty trigger in its mechanism that might allow me to slip free. Its internal coherence and emotional power, as well as its universal scope, made it the perfect prison for mind and spirit.

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About Cast of Wonders / Re: CoW Flash Contest
« Last post by kolohe on Today at 01:24:47 AM »
Thanks for the update, and thank you for doing all of the work to put things together! :) Looking forward to seeing all of the stories.
About Cast of Wonders / Re: CoW Flash Contest
« Last post by MBarnicle on Yesterday at 08:59:59 PM »
Thanks for keeping us posted, the transparency is much appreciated. Good luck with the next stage! :)
Episode Comments / EP750: The Anatomy of Miracles
« Last post by divs on Yesterday at 08:27:52 PM »
Escape Pod 750: The Anatomy of Miracles

Author: Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko
Narrators: S.B. Divya and David D. Levine
Host: Tina Connolly
Audio Producer: Summer Brooks

Escape Pod 750: The Anatomy of Miracles is an Escape Pod original.


For half a song every evening, the sunsets reminded the miracle worker of home. The hills were reddish-brown in daylight, but when the two suns, one after the other, slipped below the horizon, they came alive with purple highlights. He could almost pretend the hills were blue, instead, that the sea in the distance was true water and not liquid methane. On those occasions, he leaned back on his rear limb-pairs and, from a great distance, heard the timekeepers singing time.

He didn’t know what the window was made of. He couldn’t have said there was a window there at all, but for the fact he didn’t suffocate. He understood why his masters always sent him to inhospitable planets. His work was imprecise. It was safer that way. But this was the first planet that had been beautiful, the first that had brought the old songs ringing back. It was different. He felt it in his bones.

By first dawn, the hills were red again, and he was merely an old man who had not seen home in a long, long time.

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About Cast of Wonders / Re: CoW Flash Contest
« Last post by Karissa on Yesterday at 07:37:48 PM »
Hi Everyone! I'm one of the assistant editors at Cast of Wonders and I've volunteered to head up the Flash Fiction Contest this year. I'm working solo, so things are moving along as quickly as I can get to them, and I've appreciated everyone's patience. I can tell you that as of Friday 9/18/2020 I finished reviewing all the stories (over 160 submissions!) and responding to them (if needed). So now that I've been able to make sure our submissions have met all the contest requirements, I'm ready to move on with setting up the contest in the forum. However, I'm new to administrating in the forum, so I'd like to spend a little time working on getting familiar and making sure I'm setting up everything right.

I also need a little time to get the stories organized into the groups and etc. Therefore, It looks like October 5th, 2020 would  be the earliest I'd feel comfortable with starting the contest.

I hope to get the rules and so forth set up and posted in the next week in a new sub forum (or child board) so check back here for updates. We'll also be posting on our social media accounts (facebook and twitter) and on our website too, so be sure to check those locations as well.

Thanks again for your patience and good luck to all our participants. We got some AMAZING stories in the pile and we can't wait for you all to read and vote on them!  :)
About Escape Pod / Escape Pod #750!
« Last post by Languorous Lass on September 17, 2020, 09:39:40 PM »
An amazing achievement!  Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has played a role in getting Escape Pod to this point, from Serah Eley on down the line. 
Episode Comments / PC644: Sea-Crowned
« Last post by Ocicat on September 16, 2020, 08:08:28 PM »
PodCastle 644: Sea-Crowned

Author: H. Pueyo
Narrator: Kaitlyn Zivanovich
Host: Setsu Uzume
Audio Producer: Peter Behravesh

Originally published by The Dark.


Content Warning:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Show Notes
Rated R.

Water — there’s water everywhere, water covering my feet, my knees, my hips. Water, foam, salt, sand in my mouth, waves crashing against this iron cage, pulling both it and me towards the depths. Once, I looked at the sea for comfort, to shelter my loneliness from your anger, but you took that away from me, like you took everything else.

We have the same blood, you and I, and yet . . . And yet I am the only one here, aren’t I?

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About Cast of Wonders / Re: CoW Flash Contest
« Last post by MilvusScribe on September 16, 2020, 02:42:28 PM »
throwing my hat in to say, I too, would love to know when the contest judging begins! <3
About Cast of Wonders / Re: CoW Flash Contest
« Last post by CanopyFinisher on September 15, 2020, 02:52:50 PM »
In the words of Richard Nixon, "Uh, I'd also like to express my fondness for that particular beer."
About Cast of Wonders / Re: CoW Flash Contest
« Last post by silverpine on September 15, 2020, 10:13:28 AM »
I'd also like to know when it starts. :) Some kind of estimate would be great!