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Author Topic: Filling in the middle...  (Read 2957 times)
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Molon Labe

« on: August 15, 2007, 07:40:01 PM »

I've been a big fan of Sci-Fi since I watched Star Trek 2 at a drive-in with my parents.  I've never been too interested in writing until I heard Escape Pod and started to ponder what I would write a story about.  After thinking about story ideas for about a year I have a very vivid theme and moral I would like to write about, but I'm having a hard time trying to  develop the characters.  Also, I have a hard time trying to decide how the story will progress to get to the end, where the real kicker is.  I always end up just writing paragraphs and paragraphs of prologue and epilogue instead of writing anything that advances the plot.  If I just keep writing prologue and epilogue will the eventually meet somewhere in the middle?  I'm more of a technical writer at my day job than a prose writer, so coming up with the middle of the story is tough. 
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make characters more in-depth?  Also, any resources for wannabe writers out there (books, websites, podcasts, etc) would be greatly appreciated.
It's so frustrating to have the beginning and end of this plot in my head and not know how to get from A to B!

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Rachel Swirsky
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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2007, 02:47:09 AM »

This is a great book on writing character.

Write Great Fiction: Character, Emotion, Viewpoint by Nancy Kress.
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