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Author Topic: Seeking Story Title: Boy who couldn't cryo-sleep on interstellar mission  (Read 2847 times)


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I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm seeking the title of a story where these are the salient points:
  • It takes place on a spaceship with the whole crew asleep
  • Team members wake at various times to tend to the ship
  • There is a boy who once he woke up for his turn was unable to be placed back in cryogenic sleep- he was somehow alergic to the chemicals used in the process
  • The whole plot of the story was from his perspective and how he dealt with aging while everyone around him, including his parents, stayed the same age.
  • i think it was written in a journal format

I thought I heard it in Escape Pod, but I might be confused about that.

Any help is appreciated.



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Life Flight by Brad R. Torgerson, Analog March 2014?


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thanks TPI -  that's perfect.