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Tales from the afternow - good radio show
« on: September 13, 2007, 03:40:04 AM »
There is a great post apocalyptic radio show called "Tales from the Afternow". Anyways there exists 17 episodes (~1hr each) at (note some episodes 18 and up might not make much sense if you didn't listen to them in a timesensitive manner and regularly listen to skftm [ ], they are also somewhat different).  Anyways the first episode is clean of language if I remember correctly, but later on foul language pops into his episodes. Also at least one tale involves a description of someone dying.  The guy that made this had a radio show completely unrelated to this one, and just aired this show randomly instead of the normal one. Which as you will find out makes the show just that much cooler.

     My favorite tale was Episode IX: Open your Eyes. I would recommend listening to the first 8 just to hear that story alone. Also you are supposed to listen to it after sunset(dark) with just candles providing illumination. Anyways I just wanted everyone to know about it because I really enjoyed the show, and hadn't seen any references elsewhere on this forum to the show.
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