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Author Topic: "Iliad"  (Read 1815 times)


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on: September 24, 2007, 10:02:30 PM
Well, with half a day scheduled of work and three hours until the wife and daughter get home, figured I'd catch up on my fan films.

"Iliad", the first episode of Odyssey from the makers of Hidden Frontier, is to HF what TNG was to TOS -- the graphics and tech are slicker, the actors are better at their craft, and the story is, from the get-go, much bigger.  (HF started small and got big, but Odyssey is... well... an Odyssey...)

You can draw parallels to Voyager if you like, but I'd rather not.  Still, what happens at the end did feel a tad familiar.

I'm most impressed by the writing in this episode -- it flowed really well most of the time, and there were some really funny bits. 

Also, interesting to see people playing against type -- Julia Morizawa, a Vulcan in HF, is now a Betazoid; Matt Montgomery, a Klingon in HF, is now a Welsh doctor.  And most shocking of all was John Whiting without a beard.  He really delivers his lines well, and also subtly.  I get the feeling that, in the end, he will be the Romulan Commander (cf: "Balance of Terror") who, in another reality, we could've called friend.

Anyway, a great way to spend 55 minutes.

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