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Author Topic: PseudoPod 576: Flash On The Borderlands XLI: Flash Fiction Contest 5 Winners  (Read 2628 times)


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PseudoPod 576: Flash On The Borderlands XLI: Flash Fiction Contest 5 Winners

Authors: Evan Dicken, Stephanie Malia Morris and Drew Czernik
Narrators: Karen Bovenmyer, Alexis Goble and Austin Malone

Third Place: The Taking Tree by Evan Dicken, narrated by Karen Bovenmyer

Governor Porter,

I deserve to die for what I’ve done, just please don’t bury me.

I’m reaching out because I got no one else. Even my lawyer keeps asking where the bodies are buried. I wish I knew. Then I could chop the damn thing down, but the tree don’t work like that.

Second Place: Legal Tender by Stephanie Malia Morris, narrated by Alexis Goble

We are women with money under our skin. A red rash of pennies peppering our ribs, dimes scattered across our bellies, a honeycomb of quarters sprouting between our thighs. The coins break out over our backs, fatten our wrists. Half dollars pave our scalps. We wear chokers of nickels.

First Place: Two Step by Drew Czernik, narrated by Austin Malone

I take one step, he takes two.

I woke up that first morning with the remnants of a nightmare in the back of my head. He was out there, coming closer. I blinked, rubbed sleep from my eyes and tried to scrub the nightmare from my brain. The sleep went, the nightmare didn’t.

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I LOVED "Legal Tender". Women's pain is a subject too often overlooked.

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The Taking Tree was good classic style horror.
I can appreciate Legal tender, but it was too abstract to be scary for me.
I used to have a nightmare kind of like Two Step. Maybe a lot of people do.