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2018 Cast Of Wonders Award Eligible Stories

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The following Cast of Wonders stories are 2018 first publications:

Ep. 291: If Only Kissing Made It So by Jason Kimble
Ep. 292: Silver Things by Dagny Paul
Ep. 292: Smokedancing by Natalia Throdoridou
Ep. 293: The Final Strand by Makenzi Newman
Ep. 294: Earn Your Breath by Jaime O. Mayer (An Artemis Rising Story!)
Ep. 295: An American Refuge by Tiah Marie Beautement (An Artemis Rising Story!)
Ep. 296: Canary's Refuge by Wendy Nikel (An Artemis Rising Story!)
Ep. 297: Where You Get Your Ideas by Megan Lee Beals (An Artemis Rising Story!)
Ep. 300: The Death Knight, the Dragon and the Damsel by Melion Traverse
Ep. 301: Ana's Asteroid by M. K. Hutchins
Ep. 304: The Temple of the Whale by KB Sluss
Ep. 310: A Cradle of Vines by Jennifer Mace
Ep. 310: I Miss Bread by Giada Zavarise
Ep. 311: And Flights of Skuhwiggle by Charles Lee McDaniel
Ep. 313: Desert Dogs by Drea Silvertooth and Lian Rose
Ep. 322: Your Words There for the World to See by Aimee Ogden (A Banned Books Week 2018 story!)
Ep. 324: The Sound of Her Voice by Jennifer Hykes (A Banned Books Week 2018 story!)
Ep. 325: The Librarian by Maria Haskins (A Banned Books Week 2018 story!)
Ep. 328: Ava Paints the Horses by Ville Meriläinen
Ep. 329: Widow Bones Makes Her Rounds by Gretchen Tessmer
Ep. 331: Radio Free Heartland by Corey Mallonee
Ep. 332: The Good, the Bad, and the Utahraptor by Jennifer Lee Rossman (A Dinovember 2018 story!)
Ep. 334: Secrets and Things We Don’t Say Out Loud by José Pablo Iriarte
Ep. 335: Skinned by Amanda Helms
Ep. 337: Silkstrand, A Minute Of by Anton Stark

Added "If Only Kissing Made It So" by Jason Kimble

Added "Silver Things" by Dagny Paul

Added "Smokedancing" by Natalia Throdoridou

Added "The Final Strand" by Makenzi Newman

Added "Earn Your Breath" by Jaime O. Mayer


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