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Author Topic: PC513, ARTEMIS RISING: We Head for the Horizon and Return with Bloodshot Eyes  (Read 1304 times)


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PodCastle 513, ARTEMIS RISING: We Head for the Horizon and Return with Bloodshot Eyes

Rated PG-13 for war and gore.

A PodCastle original!

Eleanna Castroianni is a nomadic subject with roots extending from the depths of Anatolia all the way to its Mediterranean coasts and beyond. Among other things, they are a gender and geography scholar, an oral storyteller under traditional apprenticeship, a teacher of languages, and a refugee rights advocate. Their fiction and poetry have appeared in Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Eye to the Telescope. They live in Athens, Greece.

Danielle Imara was bass guitarist in art bands such as Leigh Bowery’s Minty, The Off-Set, Aiden Shaw’s Whatever and Cantankerous. Solo singing shows then evolved into live art performances under artist name Nina Silvert. She currently makes candid socially engaged theater that mixes original music and songs with verbatim dialogue and surreal moments. Her latest tour of ‘Get Therapy’ was supported by Arts Council England, and will have a week’s run in London’s Greenwich Theater, plus other UK tour dates in Autumn 2018.

She has published a memoir: CRACK, and is currently writing her second novel – the first is as yet unpublished.

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I adore this story.

It is horrifying in all of the ways that a war story should be. It brings the desperation of war into very visceral focus. It also, in the relationship between Androyannaki, Vanghelio, and Kalaitzidou, how swapping out one economic system for another is insufficient. That actual comradeship requires liberation, and that whether the economy is capitalist or communist, ordinary people can get crushed under it.

What really spoke to me is how Kalaitzidou preached not liberation (and especially not liberation for women, whether straight or queer), but subservience. Androyannaki and Vanghelio were both in this for a better world, for a better economy, and for freedom from wealthy oppressors, and then in Kalaitzidou they got a glimpse of how they would still be the oppressed.

Any revolution ending without liberation for women and the freedom to love who one wants is a revolution that merely killed a lot of people to swap out oppressive dictatorships. Enforced Atheism replaces enforced Religion. Communist hierarchy replaces Capitalist oligarchy. The world keeps turning as it always has and women keep laboring under the yoke.


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I really love obscure forms of divinations such as the one in this story, especially in more modern settings.

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