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Author Topic: CoW Ep. 313: Desert Dogs  (Read 603 times)
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Cast of Wonders 313: Desert Dogs

• Authors: Drea Silvertooth and Lian Rose
• Narrator: Stephanie Malia Morris
• Host: Alexis Goble
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
Cast of Wonders 313: "Desert Dogs" is a Cast of Wonders original!
Click here to listen to Episode 313

Drea Silvertooth is a writer and podcaster who enjoys playing tabletop games with their partners and showing their dog a good time. Their co-conspirator Lian Rose pushes pixels by day and designs new worlds by night. The two live together with a motley crew of rescue animals in scorching Arizona.

Stephanie Malia Morris works in a bookstore by day and a library by night, which gives her access to more books than she can possibly read over several lifetimes. She is a recipient of the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Award and a graduate of the 2017 Clarion West Writers Workshop. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in FIYAH, Apex, and Nightmare. She has narrated short fiction for StarShipSofa, Far Fetched Fables, Uncanny, and all four of the Escape Artists podcasts.

The vast desert sprawled before Kei, burnt sienna beneath the rising sun. In the distance, derelict buildings of the Old Cities defined the horizon, their dark and splintered silhouettes pointing like daggers at the sky.

Behind her, the city gate clanged shut with a heavy sense of finality. The outer sentries ignored her as she shouldered her supplies—food, water, and the exact number of bullets allowed for intercity travel—and walked toward the stables. Her red cloak dragged in the sand, leaving a path in her wake like a winding snake.

Tags: Alexis Goble, bonding, Cast of Wonders, contract killer, cyborgs, Drea Silvertooth, Jeremy Carter, Lian Rose, long-haul driving, mercy, Stephanie Malia Morris, Western Sci-Fi, Young Adult fiction
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