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on: October 06, 2018, 09:56:23 PM
PseudoPod 615: The Shrike

by Cameron Suey
Narrated by Sandra M. Odell
Hosted by Alasdair Stuart

PseudoPod 615: The Shrike is a PseudoPod original.

Show Notes
This episode is brought to you by The Darkest Night podcast. Follow them on Twitter and add them to your feed at

Sound effects used:

By the time she’s thrown herself upright and grasped for the remote with shaking hands, it’s too late. She’s seen it. She’s heard the words. Instead, she stumbles for the kitchen sink, feeling her throat clench with acrid, stinging horror. The vibrant green and brown hues of the nature documentary wash the inside of her darkened apartment, sonorous tones of the narration hanging in the air. She tries not to listen as she hunches over the filthy, dish-choked sink, retching and gasping for air, but the words still come. Thorns. Impale. Butcher.

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