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Author Topic: EP394: Good Hunting  (Read 12689 times)


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Reply #20 on: May 09, 2013, 11:36:35 PM
I liked this story a lot, and I absolutely did not see where it was going at any point.  Very well done.  I was actually stunned of the revelation of her mechanical legs (after the story did seem to meander for a while), and then what she wanted ...  Wow! And steampunk and Asian-themed sci fi and are not normally my cup of tea, but the strength of the story made it well worth my while.

Great job with transition sound effects.  I did not think they were absolutely necessary for me to understand the transitions in this story, but I can't go back and listen without them to be sure.  They were very well done.  I am very pleased that Escape Pod is making the effort because I was vocal about my problem understanding some of the more complicated stories in the past without clear transitions.


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Reply #21 on: May 10, 2013, 11:04:57 PM
Longtime listener, first time posting to the forums... all I have to say about this story I said out loud in my car while listening:

"Steampunk transformer?!?!?! Awesome!!!!!!"

El Barto

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Reply #22 on: May 12, 2013, 11:11:29 PM
Y'know what people are gonna complain about, right? ;)

(from his exit, Norm clearly does)

Count me in the category of people who would have greatly appreciated had Norm's warning been placed before the story instead of after it.  I am not much interested in magic or demons or unrealistic steampunk, and I found the twist at the end ridiculous from a technical perspective, though I can see the poetry of it and why many people enjoyed it.


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Reply #23 on: May 14, 2013, 01:42:46 AM
Unfortunately, the ending of this story was pretty much lost on me as soon as she demanded that he "look at my legs.." ... From that point on all I heard was the theme song to the "Transformers" cartoon from the late '80s in my head.  It seems KDPFlipper had much the same reaction.  After I finally got the song to stop playing in my head, my very next thought was, "Is she going to have to eat coal dust for the rest of her life?  Yum..."

And that leads me to the old Anamaniacs "Good Idea/Bad Idea" routine:

Good Idea: Steampunk
Bad Idea: Steampunk Transformers.

I'm not even sure why I was compelled to post any of this as I've been lurkening (listening/lurking) to Escape Pod for years and found more moving/compelling stories without commenting even once.  Guess its just the cheesy ones that overcome my pure laziness.


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Reply #24 on: May 19, 2013, 03:51:43 AM
A bitter-sweet, but satisfying story. More of these please :)


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Reply #25 on: May 19, 2013, 04:05:46 PM
This is my first stab at this. My first time on the forum. Awesome stuff here, great responses. It's as though there are thinkers out there, in the vast world. And they have come here to chat about the shaded angles we keep out of view of the world. No idea what that meant. Oops...


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Reply #26 on: May 21, 2013, 03:41:48 AM
Just wanted to add my two cents that I really enjoyed this story. A bit brighter than some other recent stories (Robot, Cerba un Vitra ujo), with an optimistic ending for some fairly tragic characters. The hulijing becomes a prostitute, and then a robot, and the demon hunter becomes an exploited engineer. Still the end of the story promises brighter futures. I do agree the racism was very stereotypically portrayed, but I feel this helped set up the plot for the latter sections, explaining some of the privilege and abuse the characters faced. I really was able to fall into the rhythm of the story, and was always surprised when the music didn't kick into wrap up, although I think the ending is a very good one.
So unlike some, I liked it.


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Reply #27 on: May 29, 2013, 11:40:37 PM
Well, the story overall didn't grab me as much as it did other people. But I really appreciated the way the world, characters, and everything in general changed drastically over the course of the story, yet still made sense. That was pretty masterfully done.


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Reply #28 on: May 30, 2013, 01:36:52 AM
Good Idea: Steampunk
Bad Idea: Steampunk Transformers.
Steam train Optimus and I disagree.


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Reply #29 on: June 06, 2013, 01:50:31 PM
I was bored with this one pretty early on.  It did seem to just have a stock setting and stock characters who I didn't care about.  But then I stopped being bored when the world progressed into engineering age and the demon changed with it.  Honestly I still didn't care about the characters but the world and the change was interesting enough that I was content.  A neat idea to have a story about a demon changing with tech changes.


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Reply #30 on: June 13, 2013, 05:49:51 PM
Gorgeous story. Had me riveted (no pun intended) to the very end. And yes, this took me in a direction I wasn't expecting. Which is awesome, because I've been trying to write my own story about an alternate steampunk Chicago, and I've been stumped on how to do it. Ken's story showed me how it can happen.

As for the racism, well, Ken could have included a sympathetic white character, but that wasn't what the story was about. It was about a losing one's culture and adapting to fit the new culture, and I think the racism formed the characters as much as the introduction of technology. What I did find interesting was the changing of the main character from demon hunter to befriending the demon, which was a change of heart in itself.

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Reply #31 on: December 03, 2013, 02:31:05 PM
Well, I guess it's been said, but this was a great story. The way it effortlessly takes us from a mythological past, brushes historical fiction and then progresses into a mythological future is pretty masterful. Liu is without doubt one of the most reliably excellent SF voices right now.


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Reply #32 on: May 22, 2019, 08:51:45 AM
I was watching an episode of Love, Death, and Robots and I was thinking "I know this story". When the credits came up, there was Ken Liu's name. Then I knew where I knew the story from.

Good work. I'm glad to see stories like this getting a bit higher profile.

I'm listening to podcasts while driving for work so I don't often think about commenting anywhere so I'd like to say thank you to the authors, narrators, and the Escape Artists team for all their great work.


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Reply #33 on: May 22, 2019, 06:53:34 PM
Thanks for your feedback and listenership!