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Cast of Wonders 355: Artemis Rising 5 – Why I Spared the One Brave Soul Between Me and My Undead Army.

• Author: Setsu Uzume
• Narrator: Katherine Inskip
• Artemis Rising 5 Artist: Yuumei
• Host: KB Sluss
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
Cast of Wonders 355: Why I Spared the One Brave Soul Between Me and My Undead Army is a Cast of Wonders original.
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I am loathe to admit that the ambush was masterful. Not only had the bounty hunters slain my contacts, but they had done so in the right order — dispatching the Ritualist before she had any corpses to animate. Had I come on horseback, they would have had me, too.

In addition to my dead allies and their hobbled wagon, I counted four hunters lumbering through the dark. Big lads, experienced and well-equipped, but given the style of their breastplates they had come from the west — tracking the cultists and not me. It made them slow and ill-prepared to face me in my glory. I whirled, my shadow splitting off to pierce kidneys and slice the backs of their knees while I led them a merry dance through dead leaves and bracken. One of them even turned, his blade slashing a wide arc, but shadows have no heads to remove. Him, I killed the quickest.

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Loved it! One of my favorite Cast of Wonders stories.


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This was a fantastic story. There is not enough badass necromancer representation out there in the world. I also love how it had a solid message, but never lost sight of weaving a good tale. I'd read more grim pulpy fiction like this.

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I’m a sucker for Setsu Uzume!  So glad to experience a story they wrote.