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Author Topic: EP615: Lonely Robot on a Rocket Ship in Space  (Read 8867 times)


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Reply #20 on: May 15, 2018, 09:52:59 PM
I pretty much agree with Rendall on this one.
As a science fiction story this felt sloppy. There are so many issues that would come up if people could elect to become robots, and this story touched on none of them. I found myself cringing at multiple points in the story due to the impulsive teen logic of the main character. I'm not saying it wasn't realistic, but his thought process wasn't very clear headed, and he was never really questioned on it. I'm pretty sure all teens are unhappy with their bodies at some point, but to jump from, "I wish I wasn't flabby and didn't have acne," to "I need an expensive and irreversible procedure to strip away my flawed human body" is extreme.
As a story about a kid coming out as trans, it didn't seem very groundbreaking either. He's nervous to tell his family, they are confused at first, then come around and everything is fine. It feels very one dimensional and predictable.
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