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Searching for a story


So I have kind of an odd question.
When I was very little my dad listened to vast amounts of old time radio, and one scene has stuck with me, despite not being able to re-find and listen to the darn thing.

The scene goes

"Two men are descending into a tomb in a graveyard. The man looks over at his companion to see that a large moth, the size of his face has landed on said face, its wings completely covering it, eyespots where the man's eyes would be. It raises its wings to reveal that the man's skin is gone, another flap, his flesh, leaving naught but bone. The man runs further into the tomb in a panic"

And... that's all I can remember. It made me vaguely suspicious of luna moths for years. I'd really like to track down the episode again, so if anyone here knows it, that would be amazing

I have a pretty extensive knowledge of this stuff but I'm sorry to say that doesn't sound familiar. Good luck!

Heh, that's fine. I figure it's a long shot since I remember so little of the story. But hey, you never know.

That's a real chiller of an image-- I can see why it stuck. It strikes me as similar to a Clark Aston Smith Martian story the name of which eludes me, but the creatures were more like flappy leather sheets than moths.

EDIT: Then, a short time later, I discover not only the name of the story I was thinking of, but a locally-available audio version:


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