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Author Topic: PseudoPod 681: A Night of Many Months  (Read 359 times)


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on: December 26, 2019, 03:22:12 AM
PseudoPod 681: A Night of Many Months

Author: C.L. Holland
Narrator: Dave Robison
Host: Alasdair Stuart
Audio Producer: Marty Perrett

“A Night of Many Months” was first published in Every Day Fiction 25th Dec 2017

He’d wondered, when he started the job, why he needed a belt with so many holes.  Now he knew–it fitted around him twice and felt like it needed tightening again.  It took months to visit every home in one night and he’d lived every minute, surviving on what was left for him.  In some houses it was mince pies and a glass of sherry.  In others milk and cookies, and a carrot for the reindeer.

In most, it was nothing at all.

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Reply #1 on: January 06, 2020, 06:16:26 AM
This one was almost too disturbing, which means to me that it had the effect the writer apparently intended.