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Author Topic: PC600: Flash Fiction Extravaganza — Flash Fiction Contest V  (Read 151 times)


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PodCastle 600: Flash Fiction Extravaganza — Flash Fiction Contest V

Authors: Nathan Susnik, Michelle Muenzler, KT Bryski, and R. K. Duncan
Narrators: Kai Hudson, Philippa Ballantine, Jen R. Albert, and Wilson Fowlie
Host: Craig Jackson
PodCastle 600: Flash Fiction Extravaganza — Flash Fiction Contest V is a PodCastle original.


Show Notes
Rated PG-13.

. . . Do you know what we really lost when Tarvagost’s corpse went over the railing and we got the republic?

I managed an invitation to the Spire that last night. I was out on the balcony when it started. You could see the whole city rise, the blue witchfire lights going out where the streetlamps toppled and the orange of the bonfires that replaced them.

They hurried us inside before the singing started in the streets and met us with pastries.

It was a nest of phyllo, full of hollow nuts, painted like robins’ eggs and filled with pepper-honey. They burst in my mouth like sweet fire, and the richness of the nut lingered, like the honeyed nuts the gleaners sell now but ten times more intense.

We all had to smile while Tarvagost watched us from his throne with its halo of gold and silver palm leaves. He had the guild leaders paraded up on a stage to pretend the city still supported him, and they all had to give speeches, and everyone clapped, because the whole of his guard was there.

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