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on: September 19, 2020, 08:27:52 PM
Escape Pod 750: The Anatomy of Miracles

Author: Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko
Narrators: S.B. Divya and David D. Levine
Host: Tina Connolly
Audio Producer: Summer Brooks

Escape Pod 750: The Anatomy of Miracles is an Escape Pod original.


For half a song every evening, the sunsets reminded the miracle worker of home. The hills were reddish-brown in daylight, but when the two suns, one after the other, slipped below the horizon, they came alive with purple highlights. He could almost pretend the hills were blue, instead, that the sea in the distance was true water and not liquid methane. On those occasions, he leaned back on his rear limb-pairs and, from a great distance, heard the timekeepers singing time.

He didn’t know what the window was made of. He couldn’t have said there was a window there at all, but for the fact he didn’t suffocate. He understood why his masters always sent him to inhospitable planets. His work was imprecise. It was safer that way. But this was the first planet that had been beautiful, the first that had brought the old songs ringing back. It was different. He felt it in his bones.

By first dawn, the hills were red again, and he was merely an old man who had not seen home in a long, long time.

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