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Author Topic: Like A Turtle Out Of A Coma - Progress Report  (Read 2173 times)
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« on: March 06, 2008, 11:54:44 AM »

Greetings all:

I've been a long time listener of Escape Pod and every time I hear a story, I think "Gee, I should try and submit something". The only problem is getting over the insecurity of the quality of your own work and pushing to finishing something.

Maybe if I start a progress report here, it'll work as incentive for me to finish something and submit it. Here we go...


Xandria Lynn and the Otherworld Delivery Service: Throwing down the initial draft of the novel right now. I'm about 5000 words in and it looks like a lot of fun. I'm using my middle daughter as the inspiration for this book. The middle child always seem to get left out or never have any "firsts", so I'll let this be her first.

Synopsis: 16 year old Xandria Lynn finds a summer job at one of the strangest delivery services in the world. It gets stranger yet as she begins to develop supernatural powers.

The Chosen (Working Title): Entering the outline stage. It's not a genre I am use to writing (philosophical, lite supernatural), but the story seems to write itself. It probably helps that I am using my 4 year old daughter as an inspiration for the book.

Synopsis: A young female has a habit of being in the right place at the right time to save lives... but so does a more sinister force.


Genesis: Draft 1 completed. Coming in at 25,000 words, it tells a pretty good story that people say reminds them of an old pulp fiction novel. That's pretty encouraging and its time for me to flesh out some of the weaker parts. The characters are really popular with my small circle of fans. So popular that I had to write 2 more rough novellas that act as sequels to this story (but not very good ones).

Synopsis: A biological weapon in the form of 16 year old teenager escapes and goes on an adventure of moral discovery.

Short Stories

I, Undead: Doing a final edit. I had hoped to turn this one into a series of 5 sort stories, but the other two stories I wrote contained too many of the elements I wanted to avoid in this series. I am pleased with the story for its character development and its focus on the people and not the horror aspects.

Synopsis: Alyssa West is the Undead. She wants to desperately remember her life as one of the living, but she's about to discover that there is a reason why the dead must forget.

Untitled Superhero Short Story: Doing a final edit. I loved the ending of this one and was surprised at how it turned out. I had begun writing it with a general superhero theme in mind, but something hit me (a brick maybe?) and it got moved out of my "For Fun" folder and into the "Decent" pile.

Synopsis: A super villain holds New York city hostage with his microwave cannon. Can the Torpedo Kid save the city or will Professor Blackmind finally have his revenge.


"You write novellas? Isn't that like the red-haried stepchild of novels?"
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