Author Topic: PseudoPod 639: ARTEMIS RISING 5: Of All the Things the Girls Had Ever Said  (Read 1451 times)


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PseudoPod 639: ARTEMIS RISING 5: Of All the Things the Girls Had Ever Said

Author: Melody Wolfe
Hosts: Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara

“Of All the Things the Girls Had Ever Said” was previously available on Amazon

Show Notes

“This is one of the rare stories I wrote longhand in a fever pitch during a late night ferry crossing between the mainland and Vancouver Island. I don’t tend to write when inspired — I’m more of a work horse. But this came to me in a flash, fully dressed and ready to go. It’s one of my favourites.”

When Fay said, “This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, you know,” Richard was surprised.

Of all the things the girls had ever said, all the pleas, threats, insults and confessions, this hitchhiker’s calm admission was the strangest. Not just for its content, not just for the tone of its delivery, but also for the fact that she was saying it mere minutes after waking up in the basement.

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I have long since gotten tired of the simple horror tropes like "the hunter hunted," but this one won me over.

"He was a biter" indeed.  XD

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Someone was looking for this story in the forum and it caught my eye. I'm a sucker for this particular monster so I had to give it a listen right away.

The tension is set right in the beginning, when the girl--Fay--asks if Richard is going to kill her like he did with all the others, he says no, and the dialog tag is He lied.”

It says that the man that attacked her before was a “biter”. Man, I wish I’d walked in without knowing anything! :'( :'(

The theme is very similar to Ginger Snaps (2000), a Canadian movie: Richard mentioning the girl’s “cycle” and her timing and pads, and also her attitude at the beginning... The fact that the author is also Canadian makes me believe that it was certainly an inspiration. The podcasters talk about this in the commentary (but won’t mention the title of the film, for some reason).

It would be a good enough story even without the twist. The twist just gives it a nice aftertaste: the villain got what he deserved. I wished that last scene was extended a little though.

Oh, and Richard's desire for menstruated girls is a deviation that actually exists. It's called riparophilia. Don't google it.
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