Author Topic: PC727: Two Siblings, Seven Fish  (Read 138 times)


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on: March 22, 2022, 05:39:52 PM
PodCastle 727: [NOWRUZ SPECIAL] “Two Siblings, Seven Fish”

Author: Rebecca Zahabi
Narrator: Mahtab Chenevix-Trench
Host: Peter Adrian Behravesh
Audio Producer: Peter Adrian Behravesh

PodCastle 727: [NOWRUZ SPECIAL] “Two Siblings, Seven Fish” is a PodCastle original.


Show Notes
Rated PG-13


Maybe this story started when Dad inherited the calabash; or maybe when my great-grandfather ran his thumb along its rugged surface, listening to the coins rattling within; or maybe even before then, when it was still green and growing, waiting to be plucked, carved and dried.

But for me, it started with an argument with my sister, Shadi.

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