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Author Topic: Is Podcastle Sexist?  (Read 53526 times)


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Reply #80 on: July 08, 2008, 03:21:30 AM

And if PodCastle is going to have a flavor, I'd like to see it listed on the label.
I've been stung more than once buying something with walnuts only to find out it's full of cashews.

I think the label is pretty darn clear:

Is PodCastle feminist in outlook?

Looking over the thread with slightly more rested eyes, I'm wondering if this is the crux of the question?

Yes. PodCastle is and will be feminist in outlook. We will not be publishing material we find offensively sexist, nor will we be publishing material we find offensively racist.

I don't find this to be the same thing as being anti-male. Refusing to publish anti-woman stories is not the same thing as being anti-male. Similarly, refusing to publish racist stories is not the same thing as being anti-white.

While being feminist and anti-racist in outlook (as well as many other things), PodCastle will not simply be picking up any story that happens to feature feminist themes. We get a good many of these pieces, and most of them -- like most of everything else -- are badly written. The stories that have come up here as being questioned for their quality are stories that Steve selected, which is a bit odd to me for various reasons, but should at least establish that they were not chosen by me simply because of their message despite 'inferior writing.'

Selecting stories that are actively feminist is not a priority in the editorial selection. I do not go out and read things with the intent of selecting stories that support "a feminist agenda." However, I'll qualify this by saying that the only story in this line-up that I think is even remotely under the "active feminist" label is "Run of the Fiery Horse."

I, for one, trust Rachel and the editorial staff of PodCastle to serve up exactly what they say they are going to serve up.

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Reply #81 on: July 08, 2008, 04:14:09 AM
You claim that the origin of this sexist trend might be a product of politics or of ignorance, and I can't help but to mirror that thought back at you. The assertion that PodCastle is "sexist" may be political or it could be ignorance.

.....Aaaaaaaaand the thread is locked.

Any questions or criticisms of my choice to do so, please address to me directly.  The vitriol's not going down, and really, we're going in circles now anyway.  Everyone's had plenty of time to make their opinions known, and I can't imagine that any new information or perspective is going to come forward now that's going to change anybody's opinion.

Thanks for taking the time, everyone.  It's been...something. 

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