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Author Topic: Pseudopod 135: The Duel  (Read 14532 times)


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Reply #20 on: August 31, 2009, 09:37:12 PM
I liked the premise of the story, a boat duel, more as a hypothetical question "What would you do?"

But I agree with others that I find it hard to believe the whole frat was against it.  And also hard to believe that he would disappear completely into thought trying to figure out the puzzle while in the middle of the duel--that's just stupid.  And the reason was pretty weak, guy cheats on test and then gets upset at another guy when girlfriend finds out?  Hmm  maybe you shouldn't've cheated on the test, genius.

At the beginning I was really having trouble not thinking of The Skulls, which I thought was a low quality movie.  But the boats made it more interesting.

Russell Nash

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Reply #21 on: September 01, 2009, 08:12:24 AM
I know a bit about boats on lakes, and I find the whole duel stupid.  Not that it's in the story, but that the frat boys would think it would work.  [Edit]This is me trying to separate the writer from his characters.  For all I know he was thinking, "what dumbass idea would a bunch of rich frat boys come up with?"[/edit]  Boats are relatively slow.  The lake was big.  Shooting from a boat is hard.  I would have taken the gun with more bullets just so the other guy only had six shots, and then I would have just kept as far away from him as I could, while making as many big waves as i could. 

The story kept it interesting and tense.  I would have been trying to figure out why the guy was after me, too.  I just think the protagonist had to be pretty stupid not to be able to stay alive in that situation.
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