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Author Topic: Story Metadata  (Read 1182 times)
Sir Postsalot
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« on: January 18, 2010, 09:54:25 AM »

I just have a suggestion for the mp3 metadata when posting a new Escape Pod story.  I'm not trying to bash or anything, these are meant as helpful comments only.  (In case you're getting a sense of deja vu I posted a couple suggestions at the Podcastle forum too).  It's not that these things bother me a great deal, but having the metadata set up in certain ways can be handy for listeners, and if it's just as easy to do it one way as another then you might want to consider it:

1.  It's nice when the stories end up in numerical order on my iPod.  This is especially handy when listening to the backlog of one of the podcasts.  I like to listen to the stories in order, so if they're listed in order on the iPod then this is very handy.  Otherwise I spend the next 10 minutes scrolling through and looking for the next number, which isn't a great idea while driving.  I don't know if it alphabetizes based on file name or by something in the Metadata or what.  Pseudopod's stories mostly come up in order, so it's usually easy to find the newest one in that folder by scrolling to the end.

Anyway, just some food for thought.  Smiley
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