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I enjoyed the premise, but I couldn't shake the feeling that this was some sort of wish fulfillment on the part of the author.  And after reading a bit, it felt really "Night At the Museum"-ish.  The characters that came out felt more like people at a costume party rather than the actual characters from the book. 

The Justin character seemed rather weak, like he just can't let go of a relationship gone bad, and it always felt like he was just one step behind the story.  I couldn't believe it took him that long to figure out that he could essentially rewrite any story he wanted to.  Hell, he could have rewritten his girlfriend to be his dream-girl with the body of Pam Anderson (insert your girl here) and the mind of Alyx Vance (same).  Come on.  Don't pretend you wouldn't do it. 


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Laughed in a crowded cafe when I heard the line "'Who is John Galt?' growled Wolverine..."

A couple lines back did it to me when someone was complaining about John Galt eating all the Salsa.

A Perceived Political Subtext: First you have Linda in a book denigrating revolution. Then John Galt shows up. Then the Scarlet Pimpernel, who rescues the wealthy and titled from the justice of the French Revolution, and which was written by Baroness Emma Orczy whose parents fled Hungary in 1868, fearful of the threat of a peasant revolution, extreme right wing heroes all.

Hmmmm….Well, I guess I know what Holly Black’s politics are.  Or think I do.

I think John Galt eating all the salsa and leaving none for the others is an entertaining tweak. Makes the whole political discussion a bit wobblier.

Fanfiction about fanfiction...  I think one more level of meta and the whole thing collapses on itself like a souffle.  Possibly gravitons are involved. 

And laser bullets.

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