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Author Topic: EP263: Fuel  (Read 24206 times)


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Reply #60 on: December 19, 2010, 02:19:37 AM
I could barely get through this one. My stomach turned afresh with every paragraph. And, after forcing myself to endure the entire sickening, terrifying story, I didn't even get to find out what happened?

Should have been a Pseudopod story, and also should have had an ending.
What? His brother Scott performed at a level in the middle of the curve. That's what happened. Maybe his parents clued in that physical prowess is no guarantee of a success in life (but I doubt it). I don't see any Pseudopod-esque features.

This is a classic Trickster story. Always a hit, in my book.

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Reply #61 on: February 12, 2011, 08:23:15 PM
A side discussion that crossed my mind while listening, but I forgot when commenting.

It occurs to me that the practice of keeping track of world athletics records and making a big hubbub when someone breaks one, is a system that will ensure that more and more athletes will use performance enhancing drugs as time goes on.  I mean, there are physical limits to how fast a human can move himself from point A to point B, and while we can try to approach that through sheer athleticism, at some point we will hit the wall where we literally cannot go faster with a natural human.  Then there will be no more records in that area, and sports news will be much more boring.  So, to get their name forever recorded, an athlete feels more and more pressure to use drugs or other enhancements that will push them past that wall just a little bit.  Even then, there are limits and we will eventually reach them.  At some point we're still going to hit the wall, and at that point we'll have a few options:  allow larger and larger enhancements (like rocket shoes or something) to try to draw it out a while longer, some change in the record systems so that each athlete doesn't need to compete against the entirety of athletics history, or we just put up with these sports being more boring because there are no new records.

I don't give a rip about sports at all, but I have been saying for years they need to split all sports into a Pure League and an Enhanced League, and just let the dopers and cyborgs and genetically engineered superathletes go to town.

I'm 100% serious, and if this happened, heck, I might even care about sports in ten or twenty years.

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