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Which Escape Artist Podcast do you like the most?

Escape Pod
Pod Castle
All of them

Author Topic: Which Escape Artist Podcast do you like the most?  (Read 21991 times)


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Reply #20 on: January 02, 2012, 12:58:06 PM

Dave, or me (mostly me): Anyway, science fiction is just a subset of fantasy.

Dave:  Don't say that out loud.

Me: Ok.  I won't.




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Reply #21 on: January 23, 2012, 02:16:59 AM
All 3 do things well, and all 3 do some things less well.

Escape Pod: Mostly great stories, very engaging hosts, feedback seems ill-prepared.
Pod Castle: Mostly great stories, very engaging host, feedback smooth and rehearsed.
Pseudopod: Some great stories that really stick with you, host not bad at all, no feedback.

All in all, three excellent podcasts. I enjoy listening to them all.


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Reply #22 on: April 10, 2012, 05:32:45 AM
Anyway, science fiction is just a subset of fantasy.

This is why it irks me when bookshops put fantasy books in the science fiction section.
It's also part of the reason I (perhaps more controversially) don't like the term "speculative fiction" and the way it co-opts the SF acronym.

Anyway, I discovered EA via Pseudopod in iTunes, so it was the horror that led me here.
I listen to PP religiously, and I listen to EP more than PC, but I enjoy all three.

When I started listening to EP and PC, I was surprised by the feedback section.
I absolutely believe criticism has its place, and that both positive and negative feedback can help a writer to grow, but am I alone in thinking it's a bit jarring having reader feedback thrown in with the stories?
I feel like it's a bit of a rough landing to go from listening to a wonderful immersive story to hearing "I really didn't like last week's story..."
I'm sure it's been discussed before, but I thought I'd add my 2c on the matter.