Author Topic: Apple iTunes flaw 'allowed government spying for 3 years'  (Read 2189 times)


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An unpatched security flaw in Apple’s iTunes software allowed intelligence agencies & police to hack into users’ computers for more than three years'

This is why I don't download podcasts, except directly.

And is something everyone should consider.


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Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 08:58:45 AM
Yeah, that was *totally* accidental that it got left in there. 


I operate under the assumption that any entity with sufficient money, power, and interest can have access to basically any part of my life that it feels like.  Trying to stop it with the tools at my personal disposal would be like trying to hold back the ocean with a net.  The most we can do is agitate to keep the self-limitations imposed by law enforced on such entities and try to keep them in place whenever legislation to remove them comes around.  And even then, you really only stop the ethical people within them, who probably wouldn't abuse the power anyway.

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