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Author Topic: EP325: Bad Dogs Escape  (Read 12239 times)


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Reply #40 on: February 03, 2012, 05:37:19 PM
Was I the only one who assumed the women were lying their asses off basically the whole time?  I seriously doubt they are the only two survivors left; they seem cynical enough to not even have bothered to search for very long before settling down to while away their remaining years pulling the metaphorical wings off of flies.

I kind of liked it.  It wasn't deep at all, but I don't think it was particularly trying to be.  I think it was just a character study of a couple of violent psychopaths at the end of the world; as justenjoying said, this was closer to a horror piece rather than the usual postapocalyptic outlast/rebuild trope.

This is relatively close to my take on it.

From earlier comments, it seems like there's quite a few posters who think that we're supposed to relate to these characters (specifically, the women), and because they're obviously violent psychopaths, we don't, and thus the story failed. Which is fine, but...that's not necessarily how fiction works for me, and that's not at all what I took from this story. The way I heard it, it's more suggesting whatever your cause/belief/purpose is, digging in and being an uncompromising fundamentalist can be very dangerous. Especially when you have certain triggers.

As everyone else has said: excellent production and excellent readings.


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Reply #41 on: February 08, 2012, 02:51:27 PM
Am catching up on some back podcasts...

My reaction was, "Well, that was pointless and not terribly entertaining." None of the characters were either believable or likable. The situation was contrived. It offered no insight or new perspective. Outcome was predictable.

The best part about the story was the "I'm just lonely" line, nicely written and nicely delivered.

Good production value doesn't make up for lackluster story.


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Reply #42 on: February 21, 2012, 02:31:19 PM
Well, I like the radio theater format, and one of the reasons I like it is that it helps moving away from exposition and lets much more to the listeners interpretation of what is really going on. That's why this story was the right one to do in this format. Are the two survivors (I don't hold too much importance to the fact that they were women) really crazy, or are we merely watching a clash between cultures? It would make sense that those having to get through the apocalypse would not have much sympathy for those causing it. In fact, they might have been put there to prevent anybody coming out in their own world. Really unnerving story, but that's a good thing in my twisted head.


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Reply #43 on: February 21, 2012, 03:03:38 PM
This episode was very well produced.  It was also very well performed.  As for the writing...Not my cup of tea.  Seemed like a bad quest from Fallout 3. 
Exactly what I thought.

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Reply #44 on: February 21, 2012, 03:38:47 PM
Throughout the whole story I had the image of the story superimposed on an image of two guys (perhaps Larry the Cable Guy and Wichita Rutherford) shooting rats at a garbage dump.  Am I the only one?  Yes?  Well, okay then.

The main problems with this for me were:
--No one to relate to.  I didn't have anyone that I wanted to root for, and I did not find it humorous so I was just waiting out the clock.
--It was clear from the very beginning that they were going to kill him, and that they'd spent their time entertaining themselves by doing this.  So it didn't even have a twist going for it.

I just didn't care.  I'm sick of reading lovingly written uncompelling serial killer stories in the Drabblecast slush, this felt like another one of those.

I tend to agree with scattercat and Devoted135, that they are completely lying their asses off about the state of the world.  My guess is that there are plenty of pockets of surviving humanity, but they just get their jollies off killing and eating freshly thawed elitists because they are psychotic.


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Reply #45 on: February 21, 2012, 03:53:30 PM
One other thing:
I did think the Vista joke was hilarious.  One of those that won't age well, but at the moment it's quite funny.


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Reply #46 on: February 21, 2012, 05:41:26 PM
I didn't like much about the story, but I wouldn't mind hearing more audio plays on EP.


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Reply #47 on: February 21, 2012, 05:48:50 PM
One other thing:
I did think the Vista joke was hilarious.  One of those that won't age well, but at the moment it's quite funny.
I loved it too, and I think that it will age well. Vista is one of those calamities that will haunt a company forever.

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Reply #48 on: February 24, 2012, 06:20:21 PM
This is a hard story for me to comment on because I just didn't like it. Because of that I've been spinning it over in my head again and again to try and be fair to it, and I'm likely still going to be fair.

What it felt like the most to me, was a revenge story, I come at this because of the countless revenge stories I've read being a fan of transformation of people, starting all the way back with King Lycenae(sp) and so many stories of that subgenre are revenge stories. I don't much like those these days as they tend to be simple the story can be complex and the characters wide ranging but they always break down to something simple and usually cynical. Even if this wasn't meant to be just that it had that feel.

We have some background and very tropish, world destroyed by the "others" greed and now people who could be "better" exist. Our two cases don't appear to be much better but I agree with the few others that they seem, unreliable, at best. Why would we trust what they say, they might not have much reason to lie but then again their reasoning for killing people seems slim too.

Our Antagonist felt like an empty shell to me, pretty much the stereotypical wrong type of human male, and a politician to boot. So I didn't sympathize with him, but I also didn't sympathize with our protagonists. That might be on purpose and isn't required, recently reading the first part of a book about a Dark Elf, you have a protagonist who is an evil person, any good done was purely accidental, yet he was an interesting character...I found myself not caring about these two, their mindset, their interest in time and clocks...just didn't make me wonder about them.

I suppose that's about it, to finish up with a terrible quote, "there wasn't any there, there," for me. 


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Reply #49 on: April 27, 2012, 04:02:01 PM
Echoing everyone else in that I liked the audio production, but was lukewarm on the story itself. Though there were some great lines: "I'm just lonely." and "Just because it's in the Bible doesn't mean it *works*".

The whole story makes me think about the Bechdel test--how long in a movie two women can go without talking about romance or relationship or something cliched girly. Seems like the women made their own cruel twist on it.

And for some reason, I'm hungry for Twinkies now.

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