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Author Topic: EP378: Scout  (Read 7347 times)
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« Reply #40 on: March 14, 2013, 08:15:31 PM »

Hearing the story the first time, it seemed to me that the captain had a relationship with Falcon; the kind of relationship that would be unprofessional to have between a commanding officer and a subordinate. It wasn't until I read the comments that I changed my mind about the story.  I now think the captain and Falcon may have both marines when they knew each other and the Falcon scouts have been around long enough that the captain was able to climb the ranks from marine to captain.  Thinking about it like that it makes more sense to me why the captain was so defensive when Falcon was referred to as "it" instead of "he."
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« Reply #41 on: April 11, 2013, 06:43:23 PM »

Once again the end result was me wanting to know more about the aliens than caring about the people and not-people of the story, which ought to be kind of sad, but when you get into these introspective military questions it can sometimes get overwhelming.

Maybe I just missed it, but did the Shardies do anything with the silicate once they dropped it, I got that they collected the other minerals but this seems a rather perplexing method to collect materials. I was actually pondering the idea of an alien species whose goal is to redact other aliens from planets, removing colonies to return them to what they were originally during this story, which might've been more interesting to me.

This is the one where the reality of hearing Oubliette, as tounge ad cheek as it was, then Shutdown, and then this struck me as curious. This one is certainly not pro-military in the way that Shutdown could have been, since being a bio-robot or whatever is probably not most people's dream! Before I started typing this, I realize that an interesting twist would be to assume that the captain is also a human image, where his relationship to the turtle soldier is real, and continuous in a way that the human crew doesn't feel.

One thing in the story that missed me was why the aliens used the humans to begin with, I understand that once they did the aliens actions became more human, but is that desirable, is thh best way to fight humans to think like them? I know that understanding your enemy is supposed to be important, but it seems like the aliens were doing exceptionally well at just blowing humans away that it seems odd for them to suddenly need us to defeat us.

Alas, I didn't listen to quite enough stories this time to entirely fill the front comment page with my comments!
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« Reply #42 on: May 29, 2013, 03:33:21 PM »

Bright Red Star was the first Escape Pod story that I heard. It hooked me and I've been listening along ever since. So I was really excited to hear another story set in the same universe. It's still one of my all time favorite stories on Escape Pod (hard to beat the feel of your first time).

Scout was just as unsettling as I expected and wanted it to be. It made me relate to the protagonist and his compatriots, question their methods, and then feel a small hollow victory along with them.

I looked on Bud Sparhawk's site to find more in this universe. Looks like there are 3 others so far, besides Bright Red Star and Scout:
The Glass Box (Appeared in So It Begins, January 2009 Created July 2007 Sold: May 2008 Words: 5,000)
Cybermarine (Appears in Defending the Future, December 2010  Created: December 2009 Sold: February 2010, Words: 5,500)
Hard Choices (Appears in the BEST LAID PLANS anthology (Dark Quest Books)  Created November 2011 Sold April 2012 Words 5,200.)

Normally I don't post because I listen to Escape Pod in order and I'm 5 months behind, but I really wanted to say thanks for this story.
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