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  • Congratulations to the winners of the Podcastle flash fiction contest!


Congratulations to the winners of the Podcastle flash fiction contest!

Author Topic: PC 258: The Discriminating Monster's Guide to the Perils of Princess Snatching  (Read 14563 times)


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I enjoyed this story. The epilogue made me thing of episode 254 "Sundae".


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This reminded me a lot of Bone the grahic novel. Really enjoyed iT.

I did find myself very sympathetic to Vren. Mercedes never really warmed up to Vren, so yes, I wasn't surprised by the ending. It did feel that he exchanged one monster master for another. But after reading the author's comments, I can see Mercedes's actions as giving Vren a second chance. Mercedes is a brat, but a good brat. I would love to see a story of her as a Queen.

And, Dave! Welcome back! And what a great treat to come back to.

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Scott R

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Glad you liked it. Mercedes' story will be told someday-- soon as I finish a couple other projects. I'm calling it Trickster Queen for now.


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I enjoyed this one a lot. I, too, was a bit upset by Mercedes' treatment of Vren at the end, until I considered all the lives he had previously helped destroy. Hundreds? Thousands? Sympathetic or not, he's a mass murderer (changing a person completely is basically the same as killing the previous person, IMHO). So I think he got what he deserves. He'll have the chance to do some good for the world for his freedom, to balance out all the bad he did for the exact same reason.


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I am ready for a sequel at any time now

How about a series of novels?  :)

Take my money, please!