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Author Topic: Pseudopod 363: Footsteps Invisible  (Read 5644 times)


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Reply #20 on: December 26, 2019, 04:31:23 PM
I dug this story.

  A couple of people mentioned figuring out the twist early on, but was the blind newsman putting 2 & 2 together the twist? I think that was likely something that the audience was supposed to figure out before the main character. The actual twist doesn't occur until the very end, and I don't see
how anybody could predict that.

Evil mummy camel.

Night of the Even-Toed Ungulates! Kids, if you're afraid of things that go hump in the night, you better make sure your parents check under your Bedouin before you go to sleep tonight.

FWIW, I pictured the creature as a mummified jackal. Anubis y'know.

Random thoughts:

 - They used to play old monster movies here in the early evenings on "The Big Show." I had an aunt who was scarred for life by the sound of the Mummy dragging his foot. Some footstep sound effects might have worked in this episode.

 - Not really all that similar, but I was reminded of the story "Close Behind Him" by John Wyndham while listening to this. Worth a look if you've never read it before.

- Speaking of Robert A. Arthur: my favorite episodes of The Mysterious Travel are S.O.S. (05.02.50) and Death is the Judge (06.15.47). I also like The Man Who Talked With Death (12.12.44) from the show's sister series The Strange Doctor Weird.

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