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PseudoPod 648: The Canal
« on: May 20, 2019, 04:17:12 PM »
PseudoPod 648: The Canal

Author: Everil Worrell
Narrator: Scott Campbell
Host: Alasdair Stuart

“The Canal” was first published in Weird Tales, December 1927 and was later made into a TV episode on Rod Serling’s popular series, Night Gallery.

Show Notes:

A surprisingly in depth look at the origin of the Campbell quote Alasdair uses:

Past the sleeping city the river sweeps; along its left bank the old canal creeps.

I did not intend that to be poetry, although the scene is poetic—somberly, gruesomely poetic, like the poems of Poe. I know it too well—I have walked too often over the grass-grown path beside the reflections of black trees and tumble-down shacks and distant factory chimneys in the sluggish waters that moved so slowly, and ceased to move at all.

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