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Author Topic: Pseudopod 377: Showcase: The Dark Audio Tone Poems of The Spectre Collector  (Read 5029 times)


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These were interesting and a nice change of pace. They would make excellent supplements to episodes with very short runtimes.

 "From the Deep" reminded me of the flash story "Behold, the Drowning" from episode 538.

"Quite Mad" reminded me of The Old Dark House (1932).

 "Christ, I Think It's Death" is my favorite of the bunch. Like Unblinking, I wish it had a different title. Perhaps "Christ, I Think..." would have worked better.

I also really enjoyed the history lesson at the end of the episode. I used to have that Scary Spooky Stories record when I was a kid. What the hell kind of birds must that narrator have in his neighborhood? It had some fun kids stories on there. I can remember "Wait till Marvin Comes" and one about a kid visiting a graveyard, and another about a guy shooting off his big toe.

I had a music teacher in grade school who brought a record called Halloween Horrors that we all loved. It's on YouTube, but I'm afraid it won't be as good as I remember it.

p.s. Good catch Cheshire_Snark! I knew I knew that lady's voice from somewhere.