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on: June 18, 2014, 02:16:54 AM
PseudoPod is giving away free copies of the audiobook edition of THE END IS NIGH. Since you're here, you enjoy listening to great short fiction. Therefore, this collection of stories is perfect for you.

Edited by acclaimed anthologist John Joseph Adams and bestselling author Hugh Howey, THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH is a series of three anthologies of apocalyptic fiction. THE END IS NIGH focuses on life before the apocalypse. THE END IS NOW (September 2014) turns its attention to life during the apocalypse. And THE END HAS COME (March 2015) focuses on life after the apocalypse. There's a little something for everyone in this collection. Fanatic cults, weapons in both the biological and nuclear varieties, killer fungus, and for the horror fans even a zombie story.

Laurice White has read multiple stories for Escape Artists including PseudoPod 246: The Eater. Tina Connolly has done the same including PseudoPod 278: The Prophet's Daughters. These great voice talents bring the pathos that elevate these tragedies to a Sophoclean level. Author Paolo Bacigalupi returns to the world that holds the dwindling water supply of The Tamarisk Hunter, which was run on EscapePod as episode 384. It ranges from the cerebral quiet apocalypse presented by Nancy Kress to some pretty gruesome body horror. You want to put this in your ears.

We can help. If you're on Twitter, tell your friends about your favorite episode, link to it, and mention us @Pseudopod_org. If you're on Facebook, join our PseudoPod Listeners group and post there about your favorite episode, then share that post to your wall to spread the infection to your friends. Anyone who does either of these will be entered to win a copy of the audiobook. You can share on both formats once each day for extra chances, but tell your friends about a different story each time. We're looking forward to seeing what all of you think are the best stories we've published.

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