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Author Topic: The 2015 Parsec Awards: Share Your PodCastle Episode Selections  (Read 4880 times)


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Hi everyone,

The Parsec Awards are an annual event that celebrates excellence in speculative fiction podcasting. PodCastle has received a nomination, and we are looking for your input on putting together our submission in response. We need to assemble a kind of “demo reel” to send to the judges and are looking for you, our forumites, to help give some thoughts to that selection. This file will include up to 4 samples from eligible episodes and run a total of 30 minutes. Before creating this, we thought it would be great to hear from you all on which stories you think we should consider for the samples.

Choosing from any episode starting May 1, 2014 and ending April 30, 2015, which combination of 3 or 4 stories do you think we should consider for the submission? A list of stories broken down by month and year is available on PodCastle's website under "Archives."

Remember, this isn’t necessarily about your favorite stories, but about finding some samples that show the range and excellence of the podcast as a podcast. (You are free to nominate your favorite story for an individual Parsec at if you want. You can nominate stories until May 31.)

This thread will be open until May 10. After that, we will get to work (or rather, get Peter to work) on putting together a winning combination of fantasy excerpts for the Parsec judges!
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Here's my suggestions, a couple excellent single person narrations, one full cast recording of a challenging format, one nonfiction, one short collection for some variety.  I know this is 5 instead of 3 or 4, but I thought these were a good set of examples, can trim one off as necessary.

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Anything read by Ian Stuart is always good. And Titanic! was fun.

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