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Author Topic: PodCastle Mad Libs - anyone can listen!  (Read 4344 times)

Wilson Fowlie

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on: July 31, 2015, 08:08:38 PM
As some of you know, PodCastle has a Facebook Page (not a Group), which I administer.

A few months ago, the page reached the milestone of having 500 Facebook members 'Like' it. So I asked Dave if he thought we should do anything special to mark this milestone. He came up with the idea of doing a Mad Libs; he would write a story with blanks for nouns, adjectives, place names, etc. to be filled in, and we'd solicit the words from the Facebook fans themselves, and then we'd record the story and post it to Facebook. Get it done in a week or two, easy.


Long story short, we started the process at the end of February, and, what with one thing and another, posted the finished recording today.

If you are interested in listening to it (it's under 5 minutes long), you do not need to be fan of the Facebook page, or even a member of Facebook, to be able to see the post or hear the story. The Facebook post is fully public and the story is hosted on Soundcloud (and fully public there, too, so no membership required to hear it).

  • To see the Facebook post, click here. (And if you're a Facebook member, please consider 'Like'ing the page, if you haven't already!)
  • To see the list of words that we got from the fans, click here. (It might be more fun to read those before listening to the story, just like it's at least half the fun with Mad Libs in real life!)
  • To bypass Facebook altogether and listen to the story on Soundcloud, click here.

The story is called "Dave vs Sauron, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hydra" by Dave Thompson and PodCastle's Facebook community.

The recording is a full cast recording (though the cast is rather small), produced by me.
Cast list:
 Narrator: Wilson Fowlie
 Dave Thompson: Dave Thompson
 Anna Schwind: Anna Schwind

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