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Author Topic: FIND EPISODE Interdimensional-gun wielding- librarian, with a crazy cat; mixed with "it's a wonderf  (Read 1356 times)


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There was a story from more than two years ago; about a man who finds him self in a new dimension with a lady who carries a big gun, I remember that the setting was either a library or there were a lot of books involved. Additionally the lady's cat was of a fantastical nature( like Cheshire Cat fantastical) I also remember thinking that it was very much like, it's a wonderful life.

Finding this story would help me show my appreciation for my favorite librarian, she's amazing and doesn't get the recognition she deserves.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Any tips or advice for better search techniques are welcome.

Thank you!


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I can't remember this story — sorry. But the librarian in my life found The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman huge fun if you're looking for alternatives ;-)