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Title: MINDWEBS - proto Escape Pod
Post by: Sgarre1 on May 06, 2018, 09:19:05 PM
Hello, Shawn the co-editor of PSEUDOPOD here.

As some may (or may not) know or remember, in my fundraiser essay for the Pseudopod Kickstarter, I wrote about the pre-history of PseudoPod - that is to say, similar shows (generally from radio) which featured dramatic readings of horror short fiction (NOT radio drama). The essay is still available here:

In that essay, I had a side-mention of the mid-late 1970s Wisconsin college radio series MINDWEBS, which mostly featured science fiction readings backed by electronic music. Well, it turns out the entire archive of MINDWEBS has been made available on If you'd like a taste of what a pre-history of ESCAPE POD might sound like, you should check it out - a vast smorgasbord of content and choice!
Title: Re: MINDWEBS - proto Escape Pod
Post by: Marlboro on October 25, 2019, 12:46:29 AM
Sadly, the creator of Mindwebs recently passed away. He introduced me to a lot of great stories and writers. I've recently gone on a huge Robert Sheckley binge after listening to a couple of Mindwebs episodes.