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Title: CoW Eps. 422 & 423: For He Can Creep (Parts 1 & 2) (And Ep. 441!)
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Cast of Wonders 422:  For He Can Creep (Part 1) (

Cast of Wonders 423:  For He Can Creep (Part 2) (

Also, Episode 441! A Staff Pick for 2020! Hosted by Audio Producer Jeremy Carter! (

• Author: Siobhan Carroll (
• Narrator: Jeremy Carter (
• Host, Episode 441: Jeremy Carter (
• Host, Episodes 422 and 423: Katherine Inskip (
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter (
• Artist: Alexis Goble (

For He Can Creep originally appeared at (, July 10, 2019.


Show Notes
Extract from Jubilate Agno

Click here to listen to Episode 422 (
Click here to listen to Episode 423 (

Click here to listen to Episode 441 (

Flash and fire! Bristle and spit! The great Jeoffry ascends the madhouse stairs, his orange fur on end, his yellow eyes narrowed!

On the third floor the imps cease their gamboling. Is this the time they stay and fight? One imp, bolder than the others, flattens himself against the flagstones. He swells himself with nightmares, growing huge. His teeth shine like the sword of an executioner, and his eyes are the colors of spilled whale oil before a match is struck. In their cells, the filthy inmates shrink away from his immensity, wailing.

But Jeoffry does not shrink. He rushes up the last few stairs like the Deluge of God, and his claws are sharp! The imps run screaming, flitting into folds of space only angels and devils can penetrate.

Tags:   18th Century England, Alexis Goble, bargains, Battles, cats, Christopher Smart, faith, Historical Fantasy, isolation, Jeremy Carter, Jubilate Agno, Katherine Inskip, mental health, Poetry, religion, Satan, Siobhan Carroll, Staff Picks, temptation, Young Adult fiction