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Title: CoW Ep. 389: Luchadora
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Cast of Wonders 389: Luchadora (

• Author: Melissa Mead (
• Narrator: Sandra Espinoza (
• Host: KB Sluss (
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter (
• Artist: Alexis Goble (

"Luchadora" is a Cast of Wonders original.

Click here to listen to Episode 389 (

When Alejandra was nine, her mother died of dehydration. When she was ten, Alejandra made her father bring her to the Luchadores’ barracks. The three ancient wizards who would choose the boy who would become the next Luchador weren’t pleased. They almost sent Alejandra’s father to the hellstone mines, where men died with their limbs charred black. Then Alejandra marched up to the eldest of the Magos, the one in flame-red silk, and demanded that he make the bull-man stop waking her up at night. The other two Magos, in silk as gold as the sun and as blue as the sky, gasped. The first wizard scowled.

Tags:   Alexis Goble, Fantasy, Gender Roles, Jeremy Carter, KB Sluss, magic, Melissa Mead, mythology, renewal, Sandra Espinoza, seasons, spring, western, winter, Young Adult fiction