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Title: CoW Ep. 384: Sphexa, Start Dinosaur
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Cast of Wonders 384: Sphexa, Start Dinosaur (

• Author: Nibedita Sen (
• Narrator: Tal Minear (
• Host: Andrew K. Hoe (
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter (
• Artist:  Alexis Goble (

"Sphexa, Start Dinosaur" was originally published in Robot Dinosaur Fiction! (, August 3, 2018.

Click here to listen to Episode 384 (

Asha—Ash to friends—wedges the maintenance door open wide enough to slip into the darkened interior of the abandoned ride. Inside smells like rust and stale water and plastic fused with metal.

“Sphexa,” he says. “Light.”

The small robot bobbing behind him clicks, casting a circle of illumination on the concrete floor. He made Sphexa in shop class at school, patching together an old Echo, a frame salvaged from a drone, a rolling toy robot, and a few other things, because if you’re going to be that stereotype of the Indian kid good at engineering, you might as well lean all the way in.

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