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Title: CoW Ep. 381: The Lie Misses You
Post by: Languorous Lass on January 30, 2021, 03:42:57 AM
Cast of Wonders 381: The Lie Misses You (

• Author: John Wiswell (
• Narrator: Athena Haq (
• Host: Katherine Inskip (
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter (
• Artist: Alexis Goble (

"The Lie Misses You" is a Cast of Wonders original.

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The Lie can’t wait to see her sister again. Every night she draws another picture of the two of them together, sometimes in space, sometimes playing baseball, always in crayon, always looking shoddy like the work of her father’s left hand. But The Lie is recovering from the Contact Plague, and it affects motor functions in survivors. Her parents bring this up every time her sister calls.

Tags:  Alexis Goble, Athena Haq, Cast of Wonders, combat, coping mechanisms, death, disease, grief, Horror, Jeremy Carter, John Wiswell, Katherine Inskip, Science Fiction, siblings, starships, war, Young Adult fiction