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Title: PseudoPod 805: The Fifteenth Green
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PseudoPod 805: The Fifteenth Green (

Author: Margery Lawrence (
Narrator: Barry J. Northern (
Host: Alasdair Stuart (
Audio Producer: Marty Perrett (

“The Fifteenth Green” was first published in Nights of the Round Table, 1926.

Show Notes
Yard Act-Land of the Blind (
If You Build It, They Will Move: The Los Angeles Freeway System and the Displacement of Mexican East Los Angeles, 1944-1972 (

Another night at Saunderson’s; a chilly night in early May, cold enough for the fire that roared and flamed cheerfully on the wide hearth that had heard so many strange tales! Saunderson, with his broad red cheerful face and ready grin, had tonight more than ever the air of hiding some surprise that, given the right moment, he would spring upon us—his air of suppressed importance held mystery, his portentous nods and winks at various special cronies as he presided over the familiar Round Table, its shining mahogany laden with good things, meant a new and interesting Something in the offing—or I did not know Saunderson! The newcomer sitting on his right, however, did not look promising—not the sort of fellow, one would have said, to adventure into the strange regions of the Occult . . . a long lean brown man, shy and rather speechless, eloquent apparently on one thing only—Golf.

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