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Title: PC743: Ribbons
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PodCastle 743: Ribbons (

Author: Natalia Theodoridou (
Narrator: A. F. Grappin (
Host: Matt Dovey (
Audio Producer: Eric Valdes (

Previously published by Uncanny Magazine


Show Notes
Rated R


Monday’s lover tugs at Jan’s ribbon with his teeth. Jan doesn’t yell at the lover to stop. The guy just received bad news from the front — a friend lost to a bomb, perhaps, a sibling blown to bits; Jan doesn’t ask. He tells the lover, instead, to be careful: We don’t want my head rolling off now, do we? We’ve all heard of them, after all, the stories of women taking it off and their heads falling to the ground.

Monday’s lover nods and keeps his teeth to himself. Says he’s never seen a guy with a ribbon before.

What can I say, love? Jan tells him. I’m special.

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