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Title: My new Podcast "The World of RPGs"
Post by: Moritz on August 06, 2022, 12:34:57 PM
Hi, listeners! Do you have some more minutes to spare for a new podcast?

I just launched "The World of RPGs", a podcast where I cover the (pen&paper/tabletop) role-playing game scene from all across the world, with one country per episode. I interview players & GMs, actual play creators, shop owners, and game authors about how they got into gaming, what games are available in their country, and what they do in the local scene. There are some amazing and unexpected stories each episode.

Since the Escape Artists' podcasts take care to have diverse authors and stories from different cultures, I think this would be a great fit for the listeners here, when you are also into role-playing games. (even if you are not, give it a try!)

The first two Episodes and a bonus episode are already online, and you can find them here:

I'm already working on episodes 3-5, so there's more to come soon.