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Episode 238: Artemis Rising 3 – The Absolute Temperature of Outer Space by Sandra M. Odell

• Narrated by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
• Guest host Justina Ireland
A Cast of Wonders original!
• Learn more about Artemis Rising

Sandra M. Odell lives in Washington state with her husband, sons, and a grumpy orange cat. When she’s not imagining fantastic adventures in far away places, she helps run her husband’s game store. Two of her stories have previously appeared on Cast of Wonders — Episode 182 “A Troll’s Trade”, and Episode 83 “The Dictionary’s Apprentice”. You can find out more about her work online, or follow her on Twitter.

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and three children. By day she works as a breast oncology nurse. At all other times she juggles, none too successfully, writing, reading, gaming and gardening. She has been published or has stories upcoming at EscapePod, An Alphabet of Embers, People of Color Destroy Science Fiction, Strange Horizons and Fiyah!. You may have heard her narrations at Strange Horizons, Far Fetched Fables and all four of the Escape Artists podcasts. Speaking of which, she is co-editor over at PodCastle. Khaalidah is on a mission to encourage more women and POC to write and publish science fiction stories. Of her alter ego, “K” from the planet Vega, it is rumored that she owns a time machine and knows the secret to immorality. You can catch up to her posts at her website and follow her on Twitter.

Justina Ireland is a science fiction and fantasy author and part time Harpy. She’s an editor at Fiyah, a magazine of black speculative fiction, and the author of Vengeance Bound and Promise of Shadows. Her next young adult book, Dread Nation, which features finishing schools for aspiring zombie slayers and is set in an alternate 1880s America, will be published in 2018 by Balzer and Bray, an imprint of Harper Collins.  Her adult debut, The Never and The Now, a story of diaspora and the fight for cyborg equality will be published in 2018 by Tor, an imprint of Macmillian.  Think Battlestar Galactica meets 12 Years a Slave with a dash of the Musical Hamilton thrown in for fun.  Because why not?  You can find Justina at her website and follow her on Twitter.

Dwanda watches her dad bound across the lunar landscape and shivers inside her jacket.  The Moon lifts him higher than anyone on Earth could jump and sets him gently down again, a kangaroo in a space suit.  Sunlight flashes bright white across his helmet.  She chooses not to notice the ragged tear down the right side of his bulky suit, or the way she can see through him to the gray, airless expanse beyond.
The shuttleport crowd paces around the clear observation dome to make room for their excitement and boredom.  They talk softly amongst themselves or watch the swarm of service bots making a final safety check on the shuttle Io.  A few browse the souvenir stands for last minute gifts or keepsakes from their lunar vacation.

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Tags: Artemis Rising, Artemis Rising 3, Cast of Wonders, cold, family, father, grief, Jeremy Carter, Justina Ireland, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, leaving, loss, moon, mother, moving, Sandra M. Odell, space, Young Adult fiction

The Artemis Rising 3 image was commissioned from Ashley Mackenzie. Ashley is an artist and illustrator based in Edmonton, Alberta. She was born in Victoria, BC and grew up between Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB. After studying online for a year through AAU in San Francisco, CA she moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in Illustration at OCADU. Though she loves the challenge of creating complex conceptual illustrations and finding new ways to navigate ideas visually she also enjoys making concept art and decorative illustration. When not drawing she can be found reading, playing videogames or thinking about her next project.

Illustration by Mat Weller. Artemis Rising logo designed by Scott Pond.
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Gosh, what a sad, sweet little story. So much feels in such a short space. Well done, Ms. Odell!